Business Advisory Services

Sometimes we get to a place in our business where we could use an outside eye. Whether you are experiencing:


  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Dissatisfaction with employee performance

  • The need for strategic planning

  • Family business dynamics

  • A plateau in business growth


hiring a business advisor can help you cut through the clutter and noise. Bringing in an experienced business professional who is skilled at identifying why issues exist as well as providing solutions to those issues, is a great way to move your company forward.


Sometimes a business owner could use help with their marketing content, or developing a social media strategy. You can gain help in either or both of these areas with me. Maybe you’re getting ready to plan for retirement. What will happen to your company? Who will fill your shoes? Together we can make sure your transition is smooth and successful.


When you’re too ‘in it’ to see it clearly, give me a call. During our complimentary 30 minute phone consultation, we’ll determine whether you could benefit from Seize This Day strategic consulting services.



My programs are a collaboration between me and my client. The client brings the issues and topics they want to improve upon and I help them navigate to find that resolution.


As my clients set the agenda, it is my responsibility to provide the resources necessary to help them achieve their goal. I may be the resource, or I may put the client in touch with those resources.


Believing that to be successful, you must take a journey from the inside out, we focus on discovering who the client is; how they think, what they value, where they’re stuck.


Want to learn more? Schedule a 30 minute phone consultation today!

Keep on track with this phone coaching program created just for you, the motivated, busy business leader.


With a 30 minute phone call once a week, you’ll find yourself accomplishing your goals! Together we review your plan, discuss your progress, and plan for the next moves.


Sign up today and get started realizing a significant difference in your business!


Only $300.00 per month


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