Clarity of Course®: Grow Your Business Without Selling

You can’t sell anything to anyone – so stop trying! Sales isn’t about selling; it’s about discovery, connecting, and solutions. Let’s explore some hard truths about sales, the value of knowing your ideal client, why process and monitoring matter.

​Clarity of Course®: The Power of You

Owning the value you bring to your product or service  Most of us are in pretty competitive industries. So, how do we differentiate? We identify what it is about US that makes the difference. We’ll explore what that really looks like. Attendees will leave with:  An understanding of why owning your value matters  Identification of what their value is  A better sense of how their value impacts their marketing.

​Clarity of Course®: Make An Impact in 30 Second

Abandon the ‘pitch’ and the ‘commercial.’ Your 30 seconds is the opportunity to start a conversation, not to sell something. Unfortunately, most 30 second commercials go unheard – even yours! That’s because of how they are crafted and the intent behind them. In this breakout session we explore the true value of the 30 second introduction and we work to craft one that is more meaningful and impactful.


Attendees leave with:  

  • An understanding of why and how 30 seconds has impact

  • The value of starting a conversation

  • The 5 elements of an effective introduction

  • The start of their own, better introduction

​Clarity of Course®: How Sustainable Change Happens

Nothing is constant except for change. Organizations must be able to shift, grow, adapt in order to continue to be relevant and successful. It can be challenging to implement change. In this presentation we talk about the keys to sustainable change. Attendees leave with ideas they can use in their organizations to create a change friendly environment.

Clarity of Course®: 3 Ways to Grow Your Network With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools business people have available to them in today’s environment. Using it effectively can make a big difference in your growth. From connecting to credibility to research we explore how you can maximize LinkedIn.

Clarity of Course®: Networking That Drives Business

There are many small business owners and salespeople out there who have not developed effective networking skills. They struggle with the process, and therefore, with growing their companies. This workshop is designed to provide them with a better understanding of the value of effective networking as well as tools they can use and a system they can implement for greater success.

Clarity of Course®: Leadership That Gets Results

Many business people struggle with effective leadership. The challenges lie in three areas – lack of vision, lack of effective communication, lack of follow-through. In this interactive workshop we discuss the aspects of vision identification, effective communication and consistent follow-through.

Clarity of Course®: Lemonade Stand Sales Strategies

You know you have to sell to stay in business. How you go about it is up to you. In this presentation we take a look at the various sales and marketing methods available to you. The key is to determine which avenues make sense for you and your business. Attendees leave with a renewed sense of what it takes to grow their business as well as ideas to implement immediately.

Clarity of Course®: Effective Business Planning

The best way to reach your business goals is to know what they are. You need to have a vision, establish action steps and monitor your progress. Possibly most important is to communicate early and often. In this presentation we review all of the key aspects of effective business planning. Attendees leave with a better understanding of the value of communication as well as what to communicate, a blueprint for defining and achieving their vision, and a process for monitoring their progress.

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Diane is the recipient of the 2016 Corporate Speaker of the Year Award. As a speaker & workshop facilitator Diane merges energy and enthusiasm with rich content. Her goal is to leave her audience with actionable steps as well as excitement to implement those steps. She wraps her presentations around the concept of Clarity of Course®, believing that having clarity in business and sales is one of the keys to having a successful, thriving business. Diane is the creator of the Clarity of Course® Sales Training Program.


Diane has presented to many organizations throughout the United States including WiBN, WBENC, PCAM, Cox Communications, United Franchise Group, Lake Health Foundation, American Family Insurance, & COSE.  



Fee Structure:

  • No charge for 20 minute luncheon or evening speeches at local chambers &

          networking events.

  • $500.00 charge for 1-2 hour presentations within 75 miles of Cleveland, Ohio

  • $2000.00 charge for 1-2 hour presentations between 76-150 miles outside of

         Cleveland, Ohio (travel expenses extra)

  • $5000.00+ for 1-2 hour presentations outside of Ohio (travel expenses extra)

*Workshops and presentations longer than 2 hours are custom quoted


I welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific presentation or workshop

needs to see how I can accommodate them.







Standard Presentations: These can be modified to fit a specific time frame and/or audience





"I love how Diane utilizes simple life examples and attaches it to messages"

Diane’s easy rapport & great humor makes the info she shared very memorable!"


“Diane has great personal experience and a wonderful presentation style." -  Jim B


Ready to schedule Diane for your event? Contact her here.

“Diane recently conducted a social media workshop. Her presentation skills are extraordinary. She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject and couples that with a relaxed, but focused presentation that had the workshop attendees very focused on learning. Highly recommended!” — Kip M.

"Diane really gave good actionable items! Thank you!"

"Diane Helbig brings value in training and presentations providing updated and pertinent sales information." - Tessa I

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