The Cure For Call Reluctance

Okay, let’s admit it. Calling prospects is something many people don’t want to do. So, they find other things to do. They’ll say that they still have research to do. Or they have to button up their marketing before they reach out. Maybe they don’t think their website is quite ready for prime time.

Sound familiar?

Those sound like valid reasons to wait. I submit they are excuses we come up with because we just don’t want to pick up the phone. Understanding what is behind this hesitancy can help us move past it. In addition to the why, let’s explore what to do about it so we can get past our call reluctance and move our businesses forward.

1. No words

Sometimes we struggle with figuring out what to say. We think we have to come up with a compelling description of what we do so the prospect will want to work with us.

2. Fear of rejection

If we never call we can never have someone say ‘no.’

Both of these issues point to a belief about the call. It says we think the call is where we convince the prospect that they need us. That is the wrong way of looking at it. The call is the beginning of a discovery process.

The way to approach the call is seeking information from the prospect. You want to ask them a couple of questions to learn more about their situation. Listening to what they tell you will give you the words you need. You will then know how to start sharing your solution. And when it comes to fear of rejection, if you truly have a solution for their problem you will be able to start telling them about it and seeking a follow up meeting to explore further.

Remember, the call is simply a first step. You aren’t going to sell them anything on the phone. You are seeking to begin a dialog with those prospects who appear to have a problem you can solve. The only way you know if you can is to ask the question. It isn’t to start telling them about your product or service and expect them to connect the dots.

Where I live we have something called the I-90 sign. It’s a sign on the side of Brennan’s Banquet Center. They share ideas and quotes on the sign for the drivers on I-90. As I was developing this article I drove by the sign and it said, ‘The way to get ahead is to start.’


Get over your call reluctance. Treat the call as a chance to learn, not to sell. Because the only way you can get ahead and sell in the long run is to start!

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