Succeed Without "Selling"

I am on a mission to improve the world one small business at a time. Part of that mission is helping business owners and sales professionals embrace a better mindset and process for selling. I see too many people struggle with the sales process – because their beliefs about how they should be engaging are misguided, imho.

To this end, I’ve written a new book – Succeed Without “Selling.” It is full of concepts, tips, and specifics to help anyone create a strategy that works for them and gets them the results they seek.

I’ve partnered with Publishizer on a crowdfunding campaign to secure pre-orders. If I can gain between 500-1000 pre-orders, Publishizer will pitch my book to publishers. If not, I’ll self-publish, so this book will be available no matter what. Truly, having a publisher would be ideal!

I’m asking for your help in this endeavor. Pre-order your copy today. And, if it makes sense to share the value of this book with business owners and/or salespeople you know, I would be honored. The link you can share in your outreach is

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