Choose Gratitude

How we face each day is a choice. We can focus on the challenges or the opportunities; what isn’t working or our abilities and gifts. Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive side of a situation. Often times, our first reaction is to focus on the negative.

If we accept the premise that we get more of what we focus on, then focusing on the negative only compounds it. And that just makes it harder to get out from under the clouds.

But wait! How we deal with any situation is a choice! How great. We have the power and the control to approach our world in the best possible way. And since we get more of what we focus on, when we choose gratitude, we expand the positive. Gratitude leads to problem solving. It’s an appreciation for what we have and are working toward.

We know that in the US we have a special day to give thanks. There’s value in practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Take time out to acknowledge all that is good in your world. Don’t wait until November to express gratitude for your resources, clients, peers, supporters.

While I practice gratitude everyday I am deciding to be more intentional about expressing that gratitude on a regular basis. (That’s the other cool thing. You can start at any time!)

I wish you all a joyous, safe, and meaningful Thanksgiving, or Thursday. I hope you join me in a practice of gratitude and expression.

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